Ploeger develops the AT4103

The reasons for taking this step are the following:
  • Improve efficiency in our operations
  • Reduce overlap in marketing, sales and service
  • Project a more professional image, especially for the low volume products
  • In an effort to utilize our competencies as a specialist in optimized self-propelled equipment even further, we have investigated the market of application equipment. Within this market a niche of self-propelled equipment exists that is mostly used to spray, spread or inject fertilizers and organic fertilizer such as manure, digestate of industrial by-products.
  • In order to approach this market we have formed a small group of specialists with a background in this business in order to start developing a new product for this market. In order to make sure this development does not take priority over the product improvements on our other product lines, this group of people is located in a separate location in the south east of Holland where they will be able to focus on this product line as real specialists.
The reasons for taking this step are the following:
  • Utilizing the competencies we have even better
  • Spread our activities over a wider time frame (different seasonality)
  • Reduce dependency on annual market swings in our current markets
  • As the project for application equipment progresses we will share more details either through the press or through the internet.
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